Raychel Harvey-Jones.    Vocals

Vocals:​ The newest member of the band, Raychel joined the band in 2016. She is a reporter and writer by day and a singer by night. Raychel started singing at the age of 5 years old and toured the world singing on cruise ships and appearing in musicals worldwide. Her claim to fame is that she was once a back-up singer for Garth Brookes. "So thrilled to be part of this band, I love their energy. This is no ordinary covers band."

Bryan Tinker.    Lead Guitar & Vocals

Bryan was born and raised in Laurel, MD and has been playing guitar for more than 20 years. However, guitar is not his first instrument. He is a trained singer and saxophonist who taught himself guitar. He has played in lots of bands ranging from gospel choirs to death metal and is thrilled to be part of "Countdown." We think Bryan's photo sums him up - he is very cool and full of fun!

John Cloyd aka.. "Bear" Drums & Vocals

Drums and Vocals: Nicknamed "Bear, John resides in Savage, Md in PG county. John has played drums for over 18 years with such acts as Kinda Blu, New Level Band and The Style Band. Bear got his first drum set when he was just 13 years old and has been keeping the beat ever since. 


Lamon Sandidge.    Keyboards & Percussion

Lamon is a DC native. Lamon has been playing for over 15 years. He has played with such groups as Kinda Blu, The Mission Band and CR.


Quincy Mimms ... AKA "Q" -   Dancer

Learn more about 'Q" coming soon....


The Band

Vincent Sanzone.   Bass Guitar & Band Leader 

​Founder and Bass Guitar. Vince was born in Brooklyn, New York. Vince has been playing Bass for over 25 years. He was signed by Tommy Mattolo while in New York. In his career he has played with the likes of Vito Bratta, formally of White Lion, Steve Stevens who played with Billy Idol and Alan Childs who played with David Bowie. The band that Vince has put together shows his passion, drive and vision of what musical talent is.

Kevin Spriggs .  Vocals and Percussion

Kevin has played for Panama Band and Slagz and has opened for such artists as Ray Goodman, Brown, Cameo, The Whispers and The Stylistics.

Kevin has also choreographed a John Waters film, "Cry Baby" with Johnnie Depp and has appeared in a John Landis film called "Liberty Heights". Kevin has performed up and down the coast with the group Final Chapter as well as playing in Atlantic City. ​

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